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An Interview with Nicolas Cage

  In this first installment of our series of chats with the cast and crew of Left Behind, we open with Oscar-winner Nicolas Cage (I probably don't have to list any…

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Mold! (Review)

19 Dec 2014

  "Mold! may not be perfect, but it gets enough right to be entertaining for anyone willing to give it a shot. If Mold! sounds like something you'd be interested in checking out, do so." by Jessie Hobson Mold! comes to us from…

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Bethany's Holiday Movie Night Guide

17 Dec 2014

  Holiday Movie Night Guide For many, the holiday season can be a bit chaotic. Between shopping, holiday parties, traveling, decorating, wrapping, and baking, it seems like there's barely a moment to relax. If you've found yourself running around with a never…

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Eat (Review)

16 Dec 2014

  "Because of the abundance of cannibalism contained within Jimmy Weber's Eat, only the die-hard gorehound will be watching this bloodthirsty piece of entertainment, which would be a real shame as this groundbreaking title deserves a wider audience." by Nav Qateel Novella McClure…

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Annie (Review)

15 Dec 2014

  "Director Will Gluck has erased all heart of the story, replacing it with obviousness, obnoxiousness and an obsession of wealth and extravagance." by Rob Rector Annie, the classic tale of an sweet little orphan girl and her stuffy billionaire benefactor, feels as…

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After The Fall (Review)

12 Dec 2014

  "Wes Bentley's straight-faced delivery imbues the performance with a sense of surrealism that offers something special with his Bill Scanlon character." by Nav Qateel After Bill Scanlon (Wes Bentley) finds himself fired from his job as an insurance-claim assessor, thanks to being…

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Examining Archetypes: Star Wars

In this series, we will take a close look at the hero's…

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Life after Breaking Bad

While Walter White no longer carries on, his legacy continues to influence…

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