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5 Predictions for the Final Season of Game of Thrones

With Season 6 of GoT having ended, we're ready to make some predictions for

INFLUXPalooza Presents “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”

"A classic tale uniquely brought to life" by Gordon Shelly  On January 31, 2017,

6 Awful Things About Star Wars

Rants & Raves: The force, much like the Star Wars universe, is very unbalanced.

INFLUXPalooza Presents “A Haunting at Hobb’s Grove”

"A hell ride of insanity" by Gordon Shelly  Yes, on October 31, 2016, Halloween

The Hateful Eight (Review)

For better and worse -- Unforgivingly Tarantino. by Gordon Shelly The Hateful Eight has this

Point Break 2015 (Review)

It's that place where you lose yourself and find yourself ... no longer. by Gordon

Back Alley Bulls (Review)

A micro-budget indie with a few surprises. by Gordon Shelly Back Alley Bulls is a micro-budget

Vin Diesel Gets Furious

Diesel brings back franchise staple, Toretto, for round 7. Who better than Toretto himself, Vin Diesel,

The Birth of a Nation (Review)

100 Years Later, Still Carries an Impact, Still Racist as Hell by Gordon Shelly I'm

2015 Oscar Winners & Predictions

We've updated this to put the actually winners right next to our predictions.  See

American Sniper (Review)

A very good, often compelling, well acted and, at times, powerful movie, but is

Johnny Depp’s Big Bad Wolf

Depp discusses Into the Woods, working with director Rob Marshall and composer Stephen Sondheim, why

American Sniper’s Bradley Cooper

American Sniper is proving to have a lot of buzz and interest as the

5 Most Shocking Deaths on Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin never fails to shock viewers with victims and circumstances revolving around the

The Interview (Review)

The Interview is totally unrealistic, utterly absurd, gratuitously violent, completely stupid, and, if you

Justified – Season Six

Justified Season Six Starring: Timothy Olyphant, Nick Searcy, Joelle Carter, Jacob Pitts, Erica Tazel,

Kids’ Corner: Thinknoodles Spends One Night at Freddy’s

Today we're visiting the Thinknoodles Think Lab. Thinknoodles is a Youtuber who plays different

Philip Seymour Hoffman, 46, Dead: The Legend Had Just Begun

Today, Hollywood, and the world, lost a great actor -- Philip Seymour Hoffman, dead

Sons of Anarchy — Season 6: Episode 1 — Straw

Clay is in Prison, framed for the murder of Damon Pope. Tara is also

Breaking Bad – Season 5: Episode 13 – To’hajiilee

Marvel at the wonder that is Breaking Bad for it is not long for the

Breaking Bad: A Series in Review

Breaking Back: A season-by-season retrospective (Page 1 of 5). The voyage of Walter White

The Lifeguard (2013)

Amber Alert! A Journey into Pedophilia Roman Polanski Would Surely Love! Ultimately, I finished

Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End / The Sea of Glass and Fire

Let's take a look at the franchise and review both Revelation Road and its

Ray Donovan: Twerk

The Kid's Got It. He's Got the Stuff. "He's got the stuff," says one

Blood (Review)

There will be blood. by Gordon Shelly This is a good movie. A very

InAPPropriate Comedy

So bad, I am offended. In fact, I recommend that you don't even read

The Hot Flashes

Ladies, this one's for you! In 1984 a movie with Daryl Hannah, Brooke Shields

Breaking Bad: A Series in Review Page 3

Breaking Back: A season-by-season retrospective (Page 3 of 5) Season 3 Review Breaking Bad Season

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