After 'Crazy Rich Asians' Success, Warner Bros. Picks Up China-Set Rom-Com 'Singles Day'

Crazy Rich Asians was a big success at the box office, as it took in over $25 million in it's opening weekend. It was well received by critics and the talk of the town has been about this movie, which is awesome. Because of that success, it looks like a trend is starting, as Warner Bros. and New Line are moving forward with an original China-set romantic comedy, which is titled Singles Day.

Rom-coms have seemed to die out, since the last successfully one seems to be Judd Apatow and Amy Schumer's Trainwreck, which topped the box office, over three years ago. Crazy Rich Asians took the helm back for rom-coms. We also saw some success with the genre at Netflix, as they debuted To All the Boys I've Loved Before on Friday, which features a female Asian-American lead. That film has been getting a ton of buzz, so it's promoting non-white leads for this genre.

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Singles Day has been acquired by WB and New Line, which has Chris Bender (We're the Millers) attached to produce. This movie happens to be inspired by the holiday Singles Day, which is an annual event that takes place on November 11 (the date 11/11 represents being single). In China, young people go out and party and celebrate the lack of having a romantic relationship in their lives. There is no director attached to Singles Day yet, but it's based on a screenplay by Lillian Yu (a writer on the NBC DC Universe-based workplace comedy, Powerless).

THR is reporting that Singles Day will have the same format as other New Line rom-coms have been, like he's Just Not That Into You and Valentine's Day. This will be where they follow multiple characters and story threads in the same movie, as they intertwine in the movie. Of course, this will be taking place in China and should feature a mixture of Asian-American and Asian actors in the lead roles, like Crazy Rich Asians.


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