Amarcord Chicago Arthouse TV & Video Fest Awards

With festival season in full swing, the focus tends to land solely on the big events - the ones driven by the studios. However, there is a slew of equally important events for the independent filmmaker and the up and coming artist.

One such event is the Amarcord Arthouse Television and Video Fest. The semi-annual event recently announced the award recipients for their 2016 festival.

The Main Category winners are as follows:

Best of the Fest - Amarcord Award Escapes (Spain) Mercedes Gaspar
Best Animated film - Norman McLaren Award Bug's breakfast (Hungary) Martin Helstáb
Best Comedy film - Charlie Chaplin Award The Strange Fate of Eli Jesus (UK) Reuben Vick
Best Documentary film - Dziga Vertov Award The Taxi Club (Sweden) Johan Palmgren
Best Experimental Film - Eisenstein Award Bobby Alaska and Donny Breadsticks in Heaven (USA) Philip Rabalais
Best Feature Film - Federico Fellini Award The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (USA) Brian Barsuglia
Best Music Film/Music Video - Bob Fosse Award The Golden Age (USA) Justin Connor
Best Horror film - Alfred Hitchcock Award Suicide Note (UK) Marina Waltz
Best Short Film - Bunuel Award Alchemy (USA) Brandon Polanco
Best Student Film Mostly Useless (USA) Connor O'Rourke
Best Thriller/Action Film The Noise (Russia) Alexander Ezhevski
Best Trailer/Teaser/Commercial Vienna table trip (Austria) Virgil Widrich
Best TV/Web Series Episode Ladies Revenge Club (USA) Margo Neely

Technical Category winners are noted below:

Best Director Escapes (Spain) Mercedes Gaspar
Best Screenplay Zeitgeist Protest (France) Christophe Karabache
Best Cinematography Ladies Revenge Club (USA) Sean Martin
Best Actor The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (USA) Gianni Capaldi
Best Actress Escapes (Spain) Huichi Chiu
Amarcord Honorary Award The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (USA) Mickey Rooney
Amarcord Honorary Award The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (USA) Margaret O'Brien
Honorable Mention The Algebra of Need (USA) David Williams
Honorable Mention Beast Trailer (USA) Tim Carpenter
Honorable Mention Cacophony (USA) AiHsuan Shih
Honorable Mention Gus the Cat (USA) Lisa Donato
Honorable Mention Lina (Austria) Walter Wehmeyer, Christine Wurm, Tino Ranftl, Andreas Scherlofsky
Honorable Mention Must Be Me 2 (Italy) Vincenzo Alfieri
Honorable Mention Rococo Neuron (Japan) Narichika Oto, Wataru Yanagida
Honorable Mention Taco Terror (USA) Tyler Rice
Honorable Mention The melody of unexpected encounters (Russia) Evgeniya Kazankina
Honorable Mention Weaving the Past: Journey of Discovery (USA) Walter Dominguez
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