Avengers Gather For 'Infinity War' Character Posters (PHOTOS)

The war is about to happen, as Thanos has an army and it is time for the Avengers to form their own! They will be joining forces for Avengers: Infinity War and now the cast has shared their character posters across social media.

Josh Brolin will play Thanos in the new movie, which happens to be the most powerful villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, to take on Thanos, Iron Man will suit up alongside some of Marvel's other characters, like Thor and Doctor Strange. We even see some Black Panther love in these character posters for Avengers: Infinity WarI, which can be seen right here:

[gallery ids="29980,29981,29982,29983,29984,29985,29986,29987,29988,29989,29990,29991,29992,29993,29994,29995,29996,29997,29998,29999,30000,30001"]

Avengers: Infinity War will hit theaters on April 27.


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