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An Interview with Actress Marion Ross

Happy Days' Marion Ross I recently spoke with actress Marion Ross, who everyone will

The ‘Phantasm’ Franchise

Why it's important to marathon the Phantasm franchise by Bethany Rose After it was

An Interview with Actor Jonathan Bennett

Jonathan Bennett talks to INFLUX Magazine by Bethany Rose Like many talented stars, Jonathan Bennett

Scream: Season 1 – Recap and Theories

Recap and Theories by Bethany Rose This article is filled with spoilers! For the

A Summer of Conventions

A Summer of Conventions by Bethany Rose When I was younger (ahem—I won’t say

An Interview with Director A.J. Wedding

The multi-talented A.J. Wedding talks to INFLUX Magazine I recently spoke with A.J. Wedding,

Magic Mike XXL (Review)

Magic Mike XXL Review by Bethany Rose In the sequel to the massive 2012

Friday the 13th: Ranking and Rating the Franchise

Friday the 13th: Ranking and Rating the Franchise by Bethany Rose If you're like

In Defense of: Lost: The Exposé episode

In Defense of... by Bethany Rose In Defense of: “The Exposé” episode (aka the

The Jokesters (Review)

An Ambitious Effort by Bethany Rose A successful practical joke series is set to

Top Five Dario Argento Films

Five of the best from Dario Argento by Bethany Rose One thing I love

A Nostalgic Rebooting of the Past

Nostalgia and the Age of Technology by Bethany Rose On a personal blog, I

In Defense of: Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

Another from the In Defense of series by Bethany Rose In Defense of: Ace

There’s No Way That’s a Job (That Pays the Bills)

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Rants & Raves is

Empire: Season 1 (TV Review)

Season 1 in focus by Bethany Rose Empire is a modern day retelling of

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season 1 (Review)

Another winner from Netflix by Bethany Rose At the end of February, House of

An Interview with Actor Brian Prisco

Actor Brian Prisco, who has a long range of TV credits ranging from Bones

Friends and the Art of Marathon Viewing

What Two Weeks of Dedicated Viewing Taught Me. by Bethany Rose Not that long

An Interview with Actress Mary Stein

Ever wondered what it means to be “fame-ish”? Actress Mary Stein answers that question

In Defense of: Curse of Chucky

The first of the In Defense of series by Bethany Rose Welcome to what

Bethany’s Holiday Movie Night Guide

  Holiday Movie Night Guide For many, the holiday season can be a bit

‘Expect Delays’ World Premiere

  As chilling temperatures and scattered snow flurries enveloped the cozy Midwestern town of

Expect Delays (Review)

"Expect Delays will make you laugh, cry, and think, without ever feeling taken advantage

Leprechaun: Origins (Review)

Why?! by Bethany Rose How's this for a plot synopsis: Group of friends travel

An Interview with Mike Kravinsky and Blair Bowers

Interviews with writer/director Mike Kravinsky and actress Blair Bowers I recently spoke to writer/director

Geographically Desirable (Review)

"One way the film sets itself apart is by grounding itself in just the

The Bunnyman Massacre (Review)

“Writer/director Carl Lindbergh actually creates a new villain to entertain audiences.”      

An Interview with Directors Andrew Schrader & Jordan Harris

I recently interviewed filmmakers Andrew Schrader and Jordan Harris about their newest film, The