C. Rachel Katz

Junk Head (2017) Review

By: C. Rachel Katz Directed by Takahide Hori Junk Head closed out the 2018

The Laplace’s Demon (2017) Review

By: C. Rachel Katz Directed by Giordano Giulivi Starring: Brian May, Monica May, Kass

Darken (2017) Review

A well made sci-fi with a sense of something more. by C. Rachel Katz

Buckout Road (2017) Review

A film without proper direction. by C. Rachel Katz Blood in the Snow Film

Once Upon a Time at Christmas (2017) Review

Shines as a slasher movie. by C. Rachel Katz On the first day of

Fake Blood (2017) Review

Everything about this movie is good! by C. Rachel Katz I'm here faced with

Red Spring (2017) Review

A refreshing change on the zombie and vampire genres. by C. Rachel Katz Blood

The Lure (2015) Review

"The Lure is a fun movie" by C. Rachel Katz I've seen a lot

The Void (2016) Review

"The Void is a mind-bending journey to madness" by C. Rachel Katz Steven Kostanski

War on Everyone (2016) Review

"Easily the best thing about War on Everyone is Pena and Skarsgard" by C.

Train to Busan (2016) Review

"Train to Busan is a tense ride" by C. Rachel Katz Zombie night is

In a Valley of Violence (2016) Review

In a Valley of Violence Review by C. Rachel Katz I have a complicated

Bed of the Dead (2016) Review

"I highly recommended it for horror lovers of all ages" by C. Rachel Katz

Under the Shadow (2016) Review

"Under the Shadow is a slow burn, trading on atmosphere." by C. Rachel Katz

Trash Fire (2016) Review

"The film clings desperately to a bleak world view." by C. Rachel Katz It's

Prevenge (2016) Review

"Funny, sad, and shocking" by C. Rachel Katz When Alice Lowe was pregnant, she

The Belko Experiment (2016) Review

"Succeeds where other horror movies fail" by C. Rachel Katz What would you do

Gridlocked (2015) Review

"Gridlocked was a welcome action romp" by C. Rachel Katz Allan Unger loves movies.

A Conversation with Michael Ironside

Michael Ironside chats with INFLUX Magazine about his latest project by C. Rachel Katz

An Interview with Filmmaker Uwe Boll

Uwe Boll opens up about why he's quitting after Rampage 3 by C. Rachel Katz

Shockwave Darkside (Review)

Solid dialogue and good performances keep things interesting. by C. Rachel Katz I thought

An Interview with Actress Barbara Crampton

Actress Barbara Crampton Chats with INFLUX Magazine by C. Rachel Katz Despite her long

An Interview with Director Dagen Merrill

Director Dagen Merrill chats with INFLUX Magazine by C. Rachel Katz In this year's

Murder in the Dark (Review)

"Murder in the Dark is an experiment with largely positive results." by C. Rachel

Deathgasm (Review)

"Deathgasm is funny and outrageous" by C. Rachel Katz Deathgasm closed out the tenth

Patchwork (Review)

"Patchwork is a slick movie featuring good gore effects" by C. Rachel Katz “So

The Hollow One (Review)

"The Hollow One has great atmosphere" by C. Rachel Katz I wanted so much

A Christmas Horror Story (Review)

"In short, it's a Christmas horror movie for everyone" by C. Rachel Katz Every

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