Jim Davis

I Spit on Your Grave 2 (Review)

Vengeance can be a real bitch! by Jim Davis It's a title that sends

Azooma (Review)

"All the while, the camera is fixed on Yoon and she does a superb

Alpha Girls

A decent B-horror flick with some good entertainment value- Alpha Girls is the bloody

The Stranger Within (Review)

Writer Adam Neutzsky-Wulff in his feature film directorial debut, has, despite a rather meager

The Conspiracy (Review)

Thought provoking and chilling... This proved to be one of the most surprisingly effective

The Colony

The Day when The Divide found The Colony -- A film summary that rings

The Bridge – Episode 2

Calaca -- When a pilot starts off as dark and gripping as witnessed previously,

Rock Jocks

The Office Rock Jocks are 21 & Over -- Rock Jocks is once again,


Unmissable Gangster Brit Flick If by chance you read the plot summary prior to

Pawn Shop Chronicles

These stories range from speed-freaks to kidnapping and murder -- Despite the considerable amount

Jug Face

Inferred Violence and Incest! -- At first glance, after reading the plot outline of

After Effect (Review)

Before viewing After Effect (aka The Removed), I was certain that the realization of

The List

The List is the first English feature film coming to us written and directed

Cottage Country

It's official! Tyler Labine is funny vs evil and being evil -- From the

The Butterfly Room

An English/Italian horror that reaches into the past. Italian Writer/Director Jonathan Zarantonello, in his

Judge Minty

Nothing Short of *Fan*tastic! I admit, there are far too many short films that

100 Bloody Acres

There will be Blood and Laughs: That's a Morgan Brothers Guarantee. Co-writer/directors Cameron and


Fu** Yeah! Looking back at season one of Cinemax's Banshee many great things come


Not the Shock We Expected! I've had my eye on this for quite a

The Eugenist (Review)

The Eugenist comes to us produced, written and directed by Tariq Nasheed, author of

Elfie Hopkins

This is the most underrated work I have ever reviewed. I didn't look it

13 Eerie (Review)

13 Eerie weaves an eerie tale of zombie horror -- The undead genre can

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