Josh Stillman

Tom at the Farm (Review)

"Tom at the Farm is the work of a budding virtuoso who’s still searching

Samba (Review)

"Samba is undeniably cloying" by Josh Stillman For those of you who have seen

A Hard Day (Review) (II)

A Hard Day Review by Josh Stillman A Hard Day, the new cop thriller

Escobar: Paradise Lost (Review)

Escobar: Paradise Lost Review by Josh Stillman The first half of Escobar: Paradise Lost

The Tribe (Review)

"An impressive achievement" by Josh Stillman The Tribe is certainly not going to win

The Protokon (Review)

The Protokon Review by Josh Stillman The Protokon, reportedly made for a mere $10,000,

The Encounter (Review)

"The Encounter thrives on jump scares" by Josh Stillman Ever since The Blair Witch

Testament of Youth (Review)

Sentimental and Clichéd by Josh Stillman There's little doubt that 2015 is the year

Gemma Bovery (Review)

"A beautiful meditation on love" by Josh Stillman Gemma Bovery, on the surface, explores

SOHO International Film Festival 2015 Recap

SIFF 2015 Recap by Josh Stillman Each May, the bulk of the entertainment media

Good Kill (Review) (II)

An exercise in propagandist mediocrity. by Josh Stillman Let's go ahead and get the

Cas & Dylan (Review)

Goes downhill after a promising start by Josh Stillman By now, just about everyone

The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared (Review)

"Run, Forest, Run!" by Josh Stillman The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window

Child 44 (Review)

Essentially an episode of Law & Order: SVU with a library card by Josh

Mommy (Review)

Mommy is very charming, sincere, and artfully directed in spite of its flaws. by

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

  "So there you have it. Much of the take on The Girl with

Under Gottsunda (Review)

  "There's so much here that's left unsaid – their home lives, their aspirations,

Foxcatcher (Review)

  "As a whole, Foxcatcher is an exquisitely eerie depiction of troubled men –

Maps to the Stars (Review)

"This made sense in movies like Videodrome and eXistenZ, which revolved around shady geo-political

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