Steve Pulaski

The Bye Bye Man (2016) Review

"[The Bye Bye Man] works more commendably and entertainingly than it should." by Steve

Monster Trucks (2016) Review

"An engaging romp in a class all on its own" by Steve Pulaski In

Live by Night (2016) Review

"Affleck gives a stunningly vanilla performance" by Steve Pulaski Ben Affleck's Live by Night

Patriots Day (2016) Review

"Strong acting from a variety of proven talents" by Steve Pulaski Watch Steve's supplemental

A Monster Calls (2016) Review

A fantastical story infused with very adult themes. by Steve Pulaski Watch Steve's supplemental

Hidden Figures (2016) Review

"Hidden Figures does a lot right in regards to its story" by Steve Pulaski

Jackie (2016) Review

"Jackie, if nothing else, gets us to look deeper at an American icon" by

Fences (2016) Review

"[Viola] Davis plays the housewife role with stunning emotional conviction" by Steve Pulaski The

Passengers (2016) Review

"Passengers is marginally successful entertainment" by Steve Pulaski Passengers opens by telling us the

Loving (2016) Review

"This is a film for those tired of the common tropes and hungry for

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) Review

"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is an unfortunately drab affair" by Steve Pulaski J.J.

La La Land (2016) Review

"La La Land treats you to an excess of emotions and feelings" by Steve

Office Christmas Party (2016) Review

There's fun to be had in Office Christmas Party by Steve Pulaski Office Christmas

Believe (2016) Review

"Believe isn't as nauseating as the alarmist political thriller AmeriGeddon" by Steve Pulaski Billy

Manchester by the Sea (2016) Review

"Manchester by the Sea isn't an emotionally uplifting experience" by Steve Pulaski The looks

Nocturnal Animals (2016) Review

"A narratively intense film" by Steve Pulaski Poor Jake Gyllenhaal and the characters he

Allied (2016) Review

"A great experience" by Steve Pulaski We are entering a strange paradox when it

Moana (2016) Review (II)

"There are so many impeccable visuals and moments of spellbinding animation" by Steve Pulaski

Bleed for This (2016) Review

"Bleed for This is still very much a conventional boxing movie" by Steve Pulaski

Rules Don’t Apply (2016) Review

"I can't see most general audiences appreciating Rules Don't Apply" by Steve Pulaski Warren

Sing (2016) Review

"Sing features an amiable cast of characters with familiar voices" by Steve Pulaski After

Bad Santa 2 (2016) Review

"Bad Santa 2 is in part a throwback to the subversive film-style of lacking

Moonlight (2016) Review

"Moonlight is an extraordinary film" by Steve Pulaski Barry Jenkins' Moonlight is graceful yet

The Edge of Seventeen (2016) Review

"The Edge of Seventeen is still a frequently touching and meaningful portrayal of adolescent

Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (2016) Review

"As a film, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk proves to be a well-acted, emotionally

Almost Christmas (2016) Review

"Almost Christmas does a fine job at getting you in the holiday spirit" by

Arrival (2016) Review

"A vivid, ethereal picture" by Steve Pulaski Arrival more-or-less solidifies director Denis Villeneuve as

Hacksaw Ridge (2016) Review

"Hacksaw Ridge faces the almost inevitable issue of its second half not living up

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