Steve Pulaski

“Call Me by Your Name” (2017) Review

By: Steve Pulaski Elio is a 17-year-old Jewish boy, soaking up all the rays

Proud Mary (2018) Review

By: Steve Pulaski Proud Mary is as bland as gas station coffee and as generic

Paddington 2 (2017) Review

By: Steve Pulaski Paddington Bear is like the Curious George for advanced pupils. His

I, Tonya (2017) Review

By: Steve Pulaski When it comes to a popular story, be it one revolving

Bright (2017) Review

By: Steve Pulaski David Ayer's Bright has been marketed as Netflix's first foray into blockbusters or

The Shape of Water (2017) Review

By: Steve Pulaski One could make the argument The Shape of Water is this year's La La

“Downsizing” (2017) Review

"Downsizing is an unfortunate bait-and-switch" By: Steve Pulaski Alexander Payne is second only to Woody

Father Figures (2017) Review

"J. K. Simmons, Terry Bradshaw save "Father Figures" with charismatic performances" By: Steve Pulaski

Pitch Perfect 3 (2017) Review

"Pitch Perfect 3" hits several wrong notes with a brutal encore By: Steve Pulaski

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Review (2017)

"Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" is lame proof that Hollywood will gamble on any

The Disaster Artist (2017)

"The Disaster Artist is worthy of some 'hi marks' By: Steve Pulaski Tommy Wiseau's famous

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) Review

"The Last Jedi dares to take the iconic Star Wars franchise to new, riskier heights"

The Man Who Invented Christmas (2017) Review

A movie that works just well enough. by Steve Pulaski Films about the writing

Coco (2017) Review

An entertaining movie, just off the mark. by Steve Pulaski For years, Pixar has

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) Review

A movie worthy of all the praise and hype! by Steve Pulaski Anger and

Wonder (2017) Review

An unapologetic cry to do unto others... by Steve Pulaski Since seeing several trailers

Lady Bird (2017) Review

A charismatic story, hilariously told and elegantly articulated. by Steve Pulaski Lady Bird clearly comes

The Star (2017) Review

Cookie-cutter storytelling with some merit. by Steve Pulaski Rejoice in the regard that The Star isn't

Justice League (2017) Review

Justice League continues to make a mess of the DC universe. by Steve Pulaski

The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017) Review

Stylistic and moving, but misses the mark. by Steve Pulaski Just two years ago,

Murder on the Orient Express (2017) Review

Perfect holiday viewing. by Steve Pulaski The third adaptation of one of Agatha Christie's

No Greater Love (2017) Review

No Greater Love presents a second chance for a viewer to get another effective war

Let There be Light(2017) Review

An awful movie that succumbs t the darkness. by Steve Pulaski The opening sequence

LBJ (2017) Review

Not much works for LBJ. by Steve Pulaski Every potentially interesting idea or theme

A Bad Mom’s Christmas (2017) Review

A sad step own from its predecessor. by Steve Pulaski A Bad Moms Christmas echoes

Thank you for your Service(2017) Review

Well-made, but not exceptional look into PTSD by Steve Pulaski The opening scene of

Jigsaw (2017) Review

This movie is only for the truly Saw-starved fan of the franchise by Steve

Only the Brave (2017) Review

A delicate balance of both character and grandscale scenes of disaster, capped off with

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