Darken (2017) Review

A well made sci-fi with a sense of something more. by C. Rachel Katz

Buckout Road (2017) Review

A film without proper direction. by C. Rachel Katz Blood in the Snow Film

Once Upon a Time at Christmas (2017) Review

Shines as a slasher movie. by C. Rachel Katz On the first day of

Fake Blood (2017) Review

Everything about this movie is good! by C. Rachel Katz I'm here faced with

Red Spring (2017) Review

A refreshing change on the zombie and vampire genres. by C. Rachel Katz Blood

Thelma (2017) Review

While some story elements are familiar, the overall package is truly unique and worth

The Villainess (2017) Review

This non-stop action film makes Kill Bill: Volume I look like a Disney film!

I, Tonya (2017) Review

For some, this might be tough to watch…but the acting was incredible. by Martin Hafer

Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts (2017) Review

The violence of the sexual assault on screen undercuts its strong feminist messages by Martin

Custody (2017) Review

A truly amazing picture … featuring 15 minutes of the most intense action I

Love Means Zero (2017) Review

An interesting psychological portrait of an extremely unusual man by Martin Hafer I do not

The Workshop (2017) Review

Some nice acting, but the message seems muddled and confusing. by Martin Hafer   The

The Eve (Review)

"Luca Machnich's creation is a breath of fresh air" by Ed Blackadder Official Synopsis:

Amarcord Chicago Arthouse TV & Video Fest Awards

With festival season in full swing, the focus tends to land solely on the

INFLUX Magazine Film Awards Winners

Announcements, Official Selections, Awards & More The INFLUX Magazine Film Awards, Season 11 Call

Short Film Selection from Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival – Part Two

Short film recommendations from the Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival - Part Two by

Short Film Selection from Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival – Part One

Some short films worth seeing at the TBUFF - Part One by Martin Hafer

My Summer of Conventions, Part 2: Days of the Dead

Days of the Dead by Bethany Rose Days of the Dead has had 20

Going Boldly to another Star Trek Convention

Going boldly where I have never gone before....again! by Martin Hafer Back in August,

Journey to Mt. Fuji (Review)

"There's lots to like about this experimental film" by Ed Blackadder Officail Synopsis: An

14 Days (Review)

"This was a fantastic effort by Joseph Villapaz" by Ed Blackadder A park bench

Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival Shorts

Some short films from some young filmmakers that you really must see. by Martin

Mer Depré (Review)

Like with mental illness itself, Mer Depré isn't always easy to fully comprehend by

Love Eterne (Review)

"Joseph Villapaz constructed a story that left me wanting more." by Martin Hafer Love

Ghosts of the Long Ago Drawer (Review)

Although years pass, it's just like it was yesterday... by Martin Hafer This film

Fell For You at Auld Lang Syne / Blue Thunder (Review)

A pair of very enjoyable musical short films by Martin Hafer Among the best

Orlando Film Festival 2015

Having a terrific time at the Orlando Film Festival... by Martin Hafer I recently

A Summer of Conventions

A Summer of Conventions by Bethany Rose When I was younger (ahem—I won’t say

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