DVD Review

Beck The Series: Volume 1 (Review)

Arrow Video release Beck on DVD by Nav Qateel The popular long-running Swedish TV

Shock Waves (Blu-ray review)

For me, Shock Waves has always been the best of the Nazi-zombie genre, and

Army of the Damned (DVD)

Simply put, Army of the Damned is a shambles. Aside from the array of

Force of Execution (Review)

Steven Seagal is good at being bad in this stylish but ludicrous actioner... by

Darkroom (Review)

"The characters appear to be well thought out and are very much three-dimensional." Michelle

Attila (DVD)

Crapila... And so, The Asylum decide it's time to unleash more cinematic mayhem on

Bonnie & Clyde: Justified (DVD)

Enjoyable Low-Budget Indie... This watered-down version of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow's famed story

Bonnie & Clyde: Justified (DVD)

Enjoyable Low-Budget Indie... This watered-down version of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow's famed story

Dracula: The Dark Prince (Review)

And yet another tale of the Prince of Darkness, Dracula, comes to us from

Embrace of the Vampire (Review)

Serviceable Vamp Effort... I'm a big fan of vampire movies, and have seen perhaps

Dead in Tombstone (DVD)

The Magnificent Hasbeens... Director Roel Reiné, king of straight-to-DVD schlock, is certainly capable of

13/13/13 (DVD)

Dumb and Dumber 2, gets released early... My title refers to two characters who

Curse of Chucky (DVD)

Chucky's Back... The man behind Child's Play and creator of Chucky, Don Mancini, has

Fright Night 2 (DVD)

Not even close... Straight-to-DVD this may well be, but straight-to-waste-disposal would better suite this

Ambushed (2013) Review

A solid low-budget actioner by Nav Qateel The last thing I expected from an

Devoured (DVD)

A film you need to invest yourself in but is ultimately worth it... Devoured

Blood of Redemption (DVD)

A Guilty Pleasure... Sometimes, when watching a movie containing less than award-winning performances, gawd-awful

Breakout (Review)

A Flawed, But Very Watchable Effort- I can't remember the last time I got

The Stranger Within (Review)

Writer Adam Neutzsky-Wulff in his feature film directorial debut, has, despite a rather meager

The Crying Dead (DVD)

Moderately effective, low-budget Paranormal Activity fare- The Crying Dead (nee The Whispering Dead) is

N.Y.C. Underground (DVD)

Bum-Fights: Revenge of the Fallen- I think my title is way better than N.Y.C.

The Amityville Asylum (Review)

A rather weak effort Yet another movie attempts to cash in on the name

5 Souls (Review)

5 Souls meanders from good to bad, in equal measure... 5 Souls was actually

Coffin Baby (Review)

Distinctly Hellish! Some films, particularly of the horror genre, are low-budget disasters for lots

Blaze You Out (DVD)

Stylish, Spiritually Inclined Gangster Movie... Produced by Alicia J. Keyes (no, not that one),

Super Buddies (DVD)

Checkit Dawgs!... Who can resist a movie about cute talking pups dressed as superheroes?

Unlucky Charms (DVD)

A reality show so bizarre, I'm surprised it hasn't been done yet... This is

Assassins Tale (DVD)

Definitely more Hit than Miss -- I have seen a lot of these types

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