Foreign Language

The Bride (2015) Review

Lovely to look at but ultimately not all that satisfying. by Martin Hafer The

Land and Shade (2015) Review

Drink several double espressos first before watching by Martin Hafer Land and Shade is

Our Little Sister (2015) Review

Another lovely film from the same director of the marvelous Like Father, Like Son

Train to Busan (2016) Review

"Train to Busan is a tense ride" by C. Rachel Katz Zombie night is

The Kind Words (2015) Review

The acting and direction are fine... but the film just didn't quite work for

Under the Shadow (2016) Review

"Under the Shadow is a slow burn, trading on atmosphere." by C. Rachel Katz

Greedy Guts (2000) Review

Incredibly strange...but not by Jan Svankmajer's standards by Martin Hafer Jan Svankmajer is certainly

Chevalier (2015) Review

I just kept waiting...and waiting...and waiting. by Martin Hafer The idea for the Greek

Wedding Doll (2015) Review

Great...but depressing by Martin Hafer Wedding Doll is as well made film with some

The Priests (2015) Review

An odd but terrifying combination of Eastern and Western exorcism films by Martin Hafer

Operation Arctic (2014) Review

A nice family film...though at times I really wanted to throttle a couple of

Baba Joon (2015) Review

Very slow, very deliberate....but also well worth seeing. by Martin Hafer Baba Joon is

Look Who’s Back (2015) Review

Mein Gott!!! by Martin Hafer Imagine a film made guerilla-style like Borat....but with a

Valley of Love (2015) Review

I really wanted to like this film more by Martin Hafer I love French

The Accidental Detective (2015) Review

Not without many of the usual cliches, but still well worth seeing. by Martin

Men & Chicken (2015) Review

How do I even begin to review this film?! by Martin Hafer Welcome to

Taxi Tehran (2015) Review

I hope Panahi isn't punished for this film...and he easily could be by Martin

The Assassin 2015 (Review)

A beautiful film which bored me to no end by Martin Hafer The Assassin

Uzumasa Limelight (Review)

Ken Ochiai once again demonstrates his talent by Martin Hafer In 2015, I saw

Marshland (Review)

Good...but also very, very dark by Martin Hafer I think Marshland is a very

The Cut (Review)

It’s a film long overdue. by Martin Hafer "Fatih Akin's The Cut is a genuine,

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (Review)

A seriously demented Christmas story for folks looking for something very different! by Martin

Si-o-se Pol (Review)

Lovely but bittersweet by Martin Hafer When I saw the title of this German

Beck The Series: Volume 1 (Review)

Arrow Video release Beck on DVD by Nav Qateel The popular long-running Swedish TV

A Borrowed Identity (Review)

It's a film that should be appreciated by all audiences. by Martin Hafer Making

Voley (Review)

Well directed and the acting was just fine by Martin Hafer ...but the story

Un gallo con muchos huevos (Review)

Un Gallo con Muchos Huevos Review by Steve Pulaski Un Gallo con Muchos Huevos

Manjhi: The Mountain Man (Review)

A lazy one-time watch by Tejas Nair Until now, Mirch Masala (1985) was what Ketan

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