“The Darkest” (2017) Review

By: Martin Hafer It is quite original…as well as odd. The Darkest is certainly

Valley of Love (2015) Review

I really wanted to like this film more by Martin Hafer I love French

3 Hearts (Review)

Too improbable to be believable but the acting is quite nice by Martin Hafer

Samba (Review)

"Samba is undeniably cloying" by Josh Stillman For those of you who have seen

Cub (Review)

A real gem of a film by Nav Qateel When a group of cub

Orphyr (Review) (Short)

A surprisingly good-looking and well-crafted short film. by Martin Hafer I was astounded by

The Triplets of Belleville (Review)

The artistry of animation overcomes pacing. by Ruby Yang Every so often, you’ll come

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