Daniel Craig Will Return As James Bond In 'Bond 25' Movie

There have been many rumors that Daniel Craig would not be returning to play James Bond again. Those rumors can not be put to rest, as Craig confirmed he would be returning to the role for the Bond 25 movie!

Craig made his debut as 007 in Casino Royale back in 2006. He went on to reprise the role in three sequels. The latest Bond movie was Spectre in 2015. That movie was a sequel to the most successful installment in the entire James Bond franchise. However, it was not well-received and did not do as well at the box office. With Bond 25, producers are looking to get back on track.

To help with that, Craig will return to play James Bond again. However, the writer for Bond 25 is up in the air. Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have written every script for the Bond movies since The World is Not Enough. They are expected to write a script, but rumors also have Trainspotting writer John Hodge taking on a separate Bond 25 script.

Craig will be back for sure, as he spoke with the Associated Press at a recent event. They asked if Bond 25 would be Craig's next project and he said, "Yeah."

Now we just sit and wait for the script to be written by someone and then production gets started, which will hopefully be in 2018.


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