Find Out The Most Rented Movie In 2017 Right Here

Did you know that stats are available for the most rented movie each year? Well, it wasn't normally a part of the MPAA's annual report, but home entertainment was included for the first time in 2017. So, now we know what the most-rented movie was and the answer may shock you!

The Hollywood Reporter pulled the stats for everyone to read and while we think of movies from 2017, you may think maybe it would be Beauty and the Beast or Spider-Man: Homecoming. Heck, throw in Get Out or It and you would have one of them in the Top 3 at least, right?

Wrong! The most rented movie in 2017 was actually a movie that came out in 2016 and was not a huge hit at the box office, which could lead to why it had more rentals. The Ben Affleck action movie The Accountant topped the list of movie rentals in 2017.

Despite all the high-grossing movies from last year, The Accountant was what everyone wanted to rent. These stats are based on digital rentals and not physical rentals, as I don't think there is a Blockbuster remaining to check their rental history!

The Accountant

After The Accountat, we had Moana and Wonder Woman, which do make sense. However, The Accountant makes no sense at all. However, it did make $155.1 million at the worldwide box office, which is great for the budget it had. And they are making a sequel to the movie, so people must have liked it and this new statistic proves that!


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