'Lady Bird' Cast Talks The Future Of Female-Led Movies In Hollywood

Lady Bird is getting a ton of Oscars buzz, as the movie received five Oscar nominations earlier this week. The critical acclaim is much-deserved, as the female-fronted movie is a must-see movie. The cast sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly, as they talked the future of female-led projects in Hollywood.

During the interview, it was writer and director Greta Gerwig, as well as stars Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf, talking with the magazine for their latest cover story. This awards season is definitely being owned by the discussion of the #MeToo movement and the Time's Up initiative, so a perfect time to talk to this female cast about Hollywood and the future of females.

Metcalf hit on that moment, as she talked about being at the Golden Globes this year: “I have to say, it was really cool to be on that red carpet at the Golden Globes and to feel that support, at least within the industry, and to feel the momentum behind it. If that germ can spread cross-country into other industries and workplaces….”

While Lady Bird has been a critically acclaimed movie, Gerwig made note of another successful female-led movie in 2017, Wonder Woman. Of course, the movie starred Gal Gadot and directed by Patty Jenkins. Gerwig took this as a sign and start of things changing for the better: “I’m hopeful. That movie is amazing — and also, it was so successful. I think when it comes down to it, it’s a business — the success is not because she’s a woman but that she made a really great movie that people really responded to. In the past, like with Bridemaids, people were like, Who knew? It felt like every year there’d be a successful movie fronted by a bunch of women and it was a surprise! Now it’s consistently happening and it’s like, No, it’s not wacky. It’s good business.”

While we move to more female-led cast in movies, Gerwig wants the day to come where movies are not thought of as a male story first, as she said, “Like, “It’s ‘the female Hangover!’” or “It’s ‘the female Superbad.’” It doesn’t have to be the counterpart of the thing, it can just be the thing."

You can see more from the Lady Bird interview here:


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