Netflix Will Be Deleting All User Reviews This Summer

By: Todd Betzold

More changes are coming to Netflix, as they announced they would be deleting all user reviews this summer! Yes, if you liked (or hated) a show so much that you felt compelled to leave a review for it, well, those reviews will be deleted and off the streaming service very shortly!

Netflix has about 125 million subscribers worldwide and offer those subscribers hundreds of original programs. The streaming service has been growing and growing and has become more popular than traditional television.

Since it started in 1997, there have been changes to the review system also. You used to be able to give a five-star rating system, but that was changed to a more simple thumbs up/thumbs down approach. With that, users can write their own personal review of the movie or TV show, as long as it was between 80 and 1,999 characters.

Now Netflix is nixing that idea and nixing all of the people that have done it in the past. Beginning this summer, Netflix will be deleting all user reviews and will no longer allow users to give a review. This will begin on July 30 with no longer accepting user reviews from subscribers. By mid-August, Netflix will have gone in and deleted any and all user reviews completely!

The reason behind this change? It appears that Netflix has seen a huge drop in the number of user reviews that are being submitted over the past few years. So, does that mean that users won't even miss this option?

We think some will, but we also feel this allowed some users to hate on shows just because they didn't like the concept of the show or maybe one of the stars. This was an easy way to make them look bad, but that happens all over the internet, doesn't it?

Netflix doesn't seem to be bothered by it, as they have made their company work. They are competing with major production studios when it comes to budgets, as they will spend more money than any major film studio in 2018. They are estimated to be spending betwen $12-$13 billion!


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