New Series 'Mr. and Mrs. Jackson' Offering Free Screening On May 19

If you are looking for a new series to follow, Influx Magazine has your Friday pick for you with the new series Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, coming from husband and wife team of Daniel Danielson and Josephine Webb. Think Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but taking place in the hood! To make it even better, they are offering a free screening of the first three episodes of Mr. and Mrs. Jackson at the SVA Theatre NYC on Sunday, May 19!

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson is an action/dramedy series that kicks off in Harlem, but will venture out to other cases in Miami, Jamaica and even Paris! The series follows the dynamics of Janine Jackson (Webb) and Marcus Jackson (Danielson), as they are two of the world's most-decorated intelligence agents the department has ever seen. 

Janine is better known to the runway and fashion world as Ebony Mystique and Marcus is a natural hustler who has a Robin Hood-esque type catalyst to the urban community. Together, they make a pretty good team, as their love-hate relationship is what drives them to solve a case. Over the series, they will both learn more and more about each other.

Danielson, who has had co-starring roles in Mr. Robot, The Blacklist and God Friended Me, and Webb, who has had a principal role in Pose and been working as a model since the age of 16, both wanted to show African-Americans in a much more positive light. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson has been their labor of love, as they wanted to show real life characters and images that people can easily identify with. They di this by tackling issues such as depression, homelessness, gender equality, verbal abuse and much more in the series.

You can check out a preview for the free screening of Mr. and Mrs. Jackson here:



For ticket information on the free screening, which will take place at the SVA Theatre NYC on Sunday, May 19, follow along with the Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Facebook page!


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