Newest Social Media Trend: #FilmStruck4 Challenge and We Love It!

With social media being such an integral part of everyone's life, we often see these crazy challenges pop up every now and then. Some are crazy, like the kids eating Tide Pods or snorting condoms, but then some are amazing and fun, like the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS or this new one, #FilmStruck4!

FilmStruck is a streaming service that allows users to watch classic films, which we do not have a problem with at all. FilmStruck decided to start a new campaign and it has picked up a lot of steam, as many celebrities in Hollywood are sharing it.

The #FilmStruck4 challenge asks people to "celebrate the personal nature of cinema and fill your timeline with the films that define you. Pick 4 films and then tag 4 friends to do the same!"

It's a pretty simple concept and something that can start filling your newsfeeds with positive things, instead of the constant bombardment of Trump stories or "fake news" memes from the one Trump supporter you have not blocked yet!

Celebrities have been joining in on the fun, as we have seen tweets from Jessica Chastain, Chance the Rapper, Rob Lowe, Joss Whedon and many more! It is cool to see what movies have helped inspire these celebs. For instance, Chance the Rapper chose DrumlinePrince of Egypt, Moonwalker, and Shrek as his #Filmstruck4.

While the challenge asks for four films, it looks like Best Director Oscar winner Guillermo del Toro had to expand the challenge and he listed eight movies! It is fun and different, but what would your four movies be? Check out more of the celeb choices for #FilmStruck4 below!


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