Alien: Covenant (2017) Review

"Alien: Covenant, however, satisfies in a way that proves gas is still present in

Baywatch (2017) Review

"Dead in the water" by Steve Pulaski Watch Steve's supplemental video review at the

The Wall (2017) Review

"The Wall appeals to the senses in the brain that crave suspense and discomfort"

Power Rangers (2017) Review

"The film opts for a sound and light show of perpetual noise garbage" by

Kong: Skull Island (2017) Review

"For a modern monster movie, you also couldn't ask for a better, more complete

6 Awful Things About Star Wars

Rants & Raves: The force, much like the Star Wars universe, is very unbalanced.

The Accountant (2016) Review

"The Accountant is a tonal mess" by Steve Pulaski Gavin O'Connor's The Accountant is

Masterminds (2016) Review

"There came a point in Masterminds when I couldn't help but buckle down and

Deepwater Horizon (2016) Review

"Deepwater Horizon is entertaining for the most part" by Steve Pulaski "Give me a

The Magnificent Seven (2016) Review

"Provides modest, momentary entertainment..." by Steve Pulaski Remaking the 1960 Western The Magnificent Seven

Spaghettiman (2016) Review

Saving the world....$17 or $40 at a time! by Martin Hafer Spaghettiman was a

Ben-Hur (2016) Review

"In short, it's probably the best Ben-Hur remake that could've seen the light of

Suicide Squad 101: An Introduction to Task Force X

An Introduction to Task Force X by Randy Krinsky David Ayer's new DCEU film,

Suicide Squad (2016)

"There's not enough black humor to really contrast the bleakness of the film" by

Star Trek Beyond (2016) Review

Action, action, action...and...action!! by Martin Hafer Whether you like the newest Star Trek movie

Rogue Agent (2015) Review

An unusual little spy yarn by Martin Hafer Rogue Agent is a nice little

Filming wraps on Brian Skiba’s new MMA action movie ‘Choke Hold’

Skiba's Choke Hold Wraps by Nav Qateel Director Brian Skiba has just wrapped principle

The Nice Guys (2016) Review

"Consistently entertaining" by Steve Pulaski Few films can be successful mysteries on the basis

Captain America: Civil War (2016) Review (II)

"Civil War does a fine job at being both fresh and entertaining" by Rachel

Captain America: Civil War (2016) Review

"With Captain America: Civil War, everything about this series feels more realized" by Steve

Criminal (2016) Review

"Didn’t have the “it factor” like recent similar films of its kind" by Rachel

Hardcore Henry (2015) Review

"The film couldn't be much more like a beat-em-up video game if it tried"

London Has Fallen (2016) Review

"The film has little to offer once the second act kicks in" by Steve

Gods of Egypt (2016) Review

"The characters here are so archetypal and flat they might as well be hieroglyphics."

Deadpool (2016) Review (II)

"The Quentin Tarantino of superhero films" by Steve Pulaski Even if you downright despise

Deadpool (2016) Review

"An irreverent and gleeful romp" by Dan Kern I had the pleasure of a

The Real Inspirations for Comic Movie Villains

The Real Inspirations for Comic Movie Villains. by Randy Krinsky Many writers, artists, and

The Finest Hours (Review)

"This is another by-the-numbers Disney film" by Steve Pulaski While The Finest Hours is

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