Adam Sandler

Sandy Wexler (2017) Review

"Sandy Wexler at least looks as if Sandler is trying to make a film"

The Do-Over (2016) Review

Is this the picture that will re-start Adam Sandler's sagging career? Nope. by Martin

Pixels (Review)

Is the hate for Pixels' even warranted? by Steve Pulaski The immense hate for

I Am Chris Farley (Review)

I applaud Farley's family and the filmmakers by Randy Krinsky By now some of

The Cobbler (Review)

A change of pace for Sandler by Martin Hafer The Cobbler is a new

6 Adam Sandler Films You Should See

Where is the love for Adam Sandler? Here are six of his films I


"Blended is destined to be the underrated and, understandably so, underestimated comedy of the

Grown Ups 2 (Review)

Predictably Adolescent. by Steve Pulaski There I sat, in stone-cold silence, not completely watching,

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