Embrace (2016) Review

Parents should insist their kids watch this by Martin Hafer Embrace is an unusual

Born in China (2016) Review

"Born in China is familiar but favorable for the Disneynature brand" by Steve Pulaski Watch

Mifune: The Last Samurai (2015) Review

If you want to learn about the man’s film career, this documentary is a

INFLUXPalooza Presents “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”

"A classic tale uniquely brought to life" by Gordon Shelly  On January 31, 2017,

Lucha Mexico (2016) Review

Giving 1000%! by Martin Hafer Lucha Mexico is a new documentary from Alex Hammond

Foster Shock (2016) Review

A hard-hitting documentary by Martin Hafer Mari Frankel and Deborah Ortiz are both very,

Poverty, Inc. (2014) Review

A powerful documentary that challenges commonly held assumptions by Martin Hafer The thrust behind

For the Love of Spock (2016) Review

It’s not just for Trekkies…. by Martin Hafer When I began watching For the

Papa (2016) Review

An excellent film when you don't want anything taxing and you just want to

Can We Take a Joke? (2015) Review

This film will offend you…but it’s still worth seeing. by Martin Hafer The new

INFLUXPalooza Presents “A Haunting at Hobb’s Grove”

"A hell ride of insanity" by Gordon Shelly  Yes, on October 31, 2016, Halloween

Clinton, Inc. (2016) Review

"A lackluster documentary" by Steve Pulaski Bill Baber's Clinton, Inc. is now the second

Hillsong: Let Hope Rise (2016) Review

"Hillsong: Let Hope Rise is a hodgepodge of concert footage" by Steve Pulaski Hillsong: Let

Love Between the Covers (2015) Review

These women sell more books than all other authors...combined! by Martin Hafer Romance novels

Gleason (2016) Review

"One of the saddest, most emotionally effecting films I've ever seen" by Steve Pulaski

Bobby Sands: 66 Days (2016) Review

Well made but perhaps a bit late. by Martin Hafer When I was offered

Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party (2016) Review

"Hillary's America is a great deal of fodder" by Steve Pulaski Dinesh D'Souza's new

BEing KINDred – IndieGoGo Campaign

Documentary focuses on family issues in the Transgender Community The IndieGoGo campaign is now

I Am Thor (2015) Review

By the end of the film, I realized that I kept I must

Under the Gun (2016) Review

"Makes some excellent points while simultaneously pulling at the viewers' emotions." by Martin Hafer

Tower (2016) Review

"Tower is a testament to subverting conventions" by Steve Pulaski While Keith Maitland's Tower

The Brainwashing of My Dad (2015) Review

"Fascinating" by Rob Rector In this rather unorthodox political season, the timing of the

Own ‘Brave Miss World’ on DVD/Blu-ray

The powerful Emmy™-nominated Netflix documentary Brave Miss World will be available to audiences worldwide

Casting By (2012) Review

This one shocked's simply terrific by Martin Hafer Casting By is an excellent

Meet the Patels (Review)

You can marry any Patel you like! by Martin Hafer In many ethnic groups

Adventures of a Secret Kidd: The Mass Hallucination of Kenn Kweder (Review)

A film I couldn't stop watching. by Martin Hafer Grade: A John Hutelmyer has

Code 9: Officer Needs Assistance (Review)

A must-see film for everyone... by Martin Hafer This is a tough time in

A LEGO Brickumentary (Review)

Enjoyable even if you don't love Lego. by Martin Hafer A LEGO Brickumentary is

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