Domhnall Gleeson

The Revenant (Review) (II)

Doesn't quite live up to Iñárritu's previous effort, Birdman by Steve Pulaski It's 1823

The Revenant (Review)

"[The Revenant is] Peckinpah by way of Terrence Mallick" by Rob Rector The adjective

Brooklyn (Review)

"[I]ntriguing and layered..." by Steve Pulaski Young love is one of the most beautiful

Ex Machina (Review)

Ex Machina is powerful by Steve Pulaski Ex Machina is powerful because of how

Unbroken (Review)

Seeing through the cracks of Unbroken by Kristina Aiad-Toss From the phenomenal and inspirational

Frank (Review)

This movie made no sense and is really bizarre...but it made me laugh. Frank

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