Ed Blackadder

Penthouse North (Review)

A Good Old Fashioned Home Invasion Thriller Penthouse North is Joseph Ruben's (Sleeping with

Under the Dome: Pilot (TV Review)

Under the Dome pilot Like everything Stephen King creates, his characters are key to

Liars All (Review)

A Confusing tale of Confused People Liars All is an indie from first time

Defiance (TV Review)

Started off strong... It looks as though the Syfy Channel may have gotten this

In The Dark (TV Movie)

The Blind Leading the Crazy Can you imagine becoming blind later in life after

In the Flesh (TV Review)

A New Brit Zombie Soap Opera After the great success of The Walking Dead

American Idiots

21 & Over and Little Miss Sunshine have had a love child! The relatively

Kiss of the Damned (Review)

A worthy addition to the vampire genre Xan Cassavetes has attempted a retro vampire

Hatchet III

Enough blood to give Count Dracula indigestion! What a messy film indeed. A fun


This tight little thriller was written and directed by Todd Robinson, and with a

No One Lives

Revenge Flick For Gorehounds... Ryûhei Kitamura is one of a very few Japanese directors,

The Unbroken

It might pass the time, but then again ... nah. In 2002 The Ring

Axe Giant – The Wrath of Paul Bunyan (Review)

Brilliantly Terrible and Terribly Brilliant! There are lots of ways to make a good

Summoned (TV Movie)

Writer/director Peter Sullivan is no stranger to making movies, with an enviable catalogue of

Game of Thrones Season 3 Finale

So Endeth the Season! After the The Red Wedding everything seems rather dull. Of


Not Even Close by Ed Blackadder I enjoy watching low-budget indie horrors, because it's

Tiger Eyes

A slice of life This rather pleasant independent film by Lawrence Blume held no


Arguably better than the first... I remember when V/H/S came out in 2012 and

Hannibal – Season 1, Ep. 11

Being a film critic, I see lots of shows, and of course movies, but

The Evil Inside

A slow-burn low-budget effort, but ultimately effective... I wrote this short review a while

Crazy Kind of Love (Review)

The beautiful Amanda Crewe brings the film to life... Crazy Kind of Love is

Game of Thrones – Season 3, Ep. 9 (II)

The Rains of Castamere This show is the only one that I actually enjoy

After Earth (Review)

Futuristic Army Brat Aces Survival Test This was a slow starting movie and while

Hannibal – Season 1, Ep. 10

Good Will Hunting. This episode was like a brilliant horror movie with all the

A Haunting at Silver Falls (Review)

Brett Donowho Delivers a Good Old Haunting His Way! This competent horror is the

Revenge (Review)

Revenge had me hooked from the start I was late getting into this show,

Hannibal – Season 1, Ep. 9

Although this is my second favourite show at the moment (Game of Thrones being

Static (Review)

A surprisingly effective effort. by Ed Blackadder Occasionally, a film can sort of creep

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