Ed Blackadder

Bates Motel: Season 1, Ep 10 (Review)

Norma Get Your Gun! This being the finalé I was looking forward to a

Game of Thrones – Second Sons (Season 3, Ep. 8)

Tyrion and Sansa tie the knot... This was an exceptionally well written episode with

Cat.8 (TV Movie)

Purely SyFi, Lacking Sci-Fi! I have seen some movies where you need to have

Game of Thrones: Season 3, Ep. 7 (Recap)

The Bear & The Maiden Fair Jamie is such a complicated man is he

He’s Way More Famous Than You

I can see what the writing and acting team were trying to do and

Assault on Wall Street (Review)

What a shock that was. A Uwe Boll film I thoroughly enjoyed, even though

Hotel Noir (VOD)

Fairly Light Film Noir Ensemble... Writer/director Sebastian Gutierrez has been someone whose films I

Last Passenger (Review)

A mildly entertaining effort by Ed Blackadder Omid Nooshin's debut indie Last Passenger, was

Revolution (TV Review)

Decent SciFi Show from NBC After so many post-apocalyptic movies, we really needed something

The Americans (TV Review)

Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You... It's nice when we see

Game of Thrones – (Season 3, Ep. 5)

Kissed by Fire I remember why I fell in love with this show to


Fascinating, insightful and straight from the actual players mouths I have reviewed both Bin

The Campaign

Much more than a Ferrell/Galifianakis vehicle... This is much more than a simple vehicle

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