Gianni Capaldi

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2017) Review

A modern remake of a literary classic is mostly on the mark. by Ed

Blood Trap (2016) Review

"Blood Trap is a refreshing change from the usual Hollywood fare." by Nav Qateel

Filming wraps on Brian Skiba’s new MMA action movie ‘Choke Hold’

Skiba's Choke Hold Wraps by Nav Qateel Director Brian Skiba has just wrapped principle

Last Man Club (2016) Review

A heartwarming tale of loyalty, honor, relationships, and getting old. by Nav Qateel Written

The Wicked Within (Review)

Old School Horror by Nav Qateel Premise: After a year passes since the sudden

A Certain Justice (Review)

"There is no shortage of action in Serafini's latest offering, and this is never

The Devil’s Dozen (Review)

A surprisingly entertained film by Nav Qateel I've always liked these types of single-location

An Interview with Actor Gianni Capaldi

Nav chats with ex-soccer player, Actor/Producer, Gianni Capaldi, about his new film Ambushed... I

Ambushed (2013) Review

A solid low-budget actioner by Nav Qateel The last thing I expected from an

Blood of Redemption (DVD)

A Guilty Pleasure... Sometimes, when watching a movie containing less than award-winning performances, gawd-awful

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