James Franco

11.22.63 (Episode 1) Review

"The period details are phenomenal" by Ed Blackadder Based on Stephen King's fantastic time-travel/period

True Story (Review)

Destined to be underrated and misunderstood by Steve Pulaski True Story concerns Michael Finkel

The Interview (Review)

The Interview is totally unrealistic, utterly absurd, gratuitously violent, completely stupid, and, if you

How the Sony Hack Saved The Interview

The Sony Hack Scandal of 2014 is probably the single greatest event that could have

Child of God

Now, the phrase “Child of God” appears TWICE on James Franco’s resume… After losing


Only Jason Statham can keep us safe from a Cajun Invasion... Upon completing a


Excellent Performance From Amanda Seyfried -- I have great respect for Amanda Seyfried and

This is the End

The Apocalypse has never been this much fun! This is the End does to

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