Leonardo DiCaprio

The Revenant (Review) (II)

Doesn't quite live up to Iñárritu's previous effort, Birdman by Steve Pulaski It's 1823

The Revenant (Review)

"[The Revenant is] Peckinpah by way of Terrence Mallick" by Rob Rector The adjective

First Look at Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant

Why Leonardo DiCaprio has been sporting a long and scruffy beard lately, was finally

Hollywood Doesn’t Want you to See these Movies!

A short list of the most unobtainable, often talked about films ever produced by

The Wolf of Wall Street

"In many ways I find this to be Leonardo DiCaprio's finest performance of his

The Great Gatsby (2013)

Note: With all the hype around this movie. We thought it was worth posting

Aftershock (a second take)

Where Does Aftershock Hit on the Richter Scale? I've dually noted in the past

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