The Meanest Man in Texas (2017) Review

An inspirational film anyone can enjoy. by Martin Hafer During the last few years, there

Created Equal (2017) Review

They manage to make an impossible story idea very watchable and enjoyable. by Martin Hafer

I, Olga (2016) Review

Very well made ... but not exactly a film for the masses. by Martin Hafer

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) Review

" amazing amalgamation of light-hearted comedy and the darker, more mature side of Marvel

Wonder Woman (2017) Review

"Wonder Woman's expectations impossibly high" by Steve Pulaski The stakes of Patty Jenkins' Wonder

Ant-Man (Review)

Unpredictable and fresh by Steve Pulaski Marvel's Ant-Man is the most enjoyable Marvel film

Ant-Man (Review) (I)

Sometimes you need a little guy by Conner Schwerdtfeger When you’ve developed a franchise

Ant-Man (Trailer)

Paul Rudd stars in Marvel's Ant-Man   Premise: Armed with a super-suit with the

Guardians of the Galaxy (Review)

James Gunn directs an exciting science fiction extravaganza that has a combo of dark

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