Rob Rector

The Brainwashing of My Dad (2015) Review

"Fascinating" by Rob Rector In this rather unorthodox political season, the timing of the

The Revenant (Review)

"[The Revenant is] Peckinpah by way of Terrence Mallick" by Rob Rector The adjective

Room (Review)

"Truly inspired and unique" by Rob Rector We are first introduced to Room’s Jack

Extraordinary Tales (Review)

Edgar Allen Poe's Extraordinary Tales by Rob Rector Edgar Allen Poe was a poetic

The Inhabitants (Review)

The Inhabitants Review by Rob Rector It’s often so difficult to maintain a pioneering

Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine (Review)

Another look at Steve Jobs by Rob Rector I have had a love/hate relationship

Creep (Review)

Creep Review by Rob Rector Director Patrick Brice has been earning raves for his

The Nightmare (Review)

"Spooky" by Rob Rector Typically, when someone begins to tell me about a dream

Just About Famous (Review)

Just About Famous review by Rob Rector I never really got the whole “celebrity

Teacher of the Year (Review)

An astutely observed debut by Rob Rector When looking down from the perch of

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck (Review)

Is Montage too intimate? by Rob Rector The life (and tragic death) of Kurt

Beautiful Noise (Review)

One for the fans by Rob Rector With musical reverberations as prominent as those

Archer: Season 6 Ep 13 (TV Recap)

Drastic Voyage: Part 2 by Rob Rector After given an entire season to make

Archer: Season 6 Ep 12 (TV Recap)

Drastic Voyage: Part 1 No stranger to the two-part cliffhanger, the penultimate Archer --

Archer: Season 6 Ep 11 (TV Recap)

Achub Y Morfilod Sterling Archer breaks the fourth wall in this week’s episode to

Archer: Season 6 Ep 10 (TV Recap)

Reignition Sequence by Rob Rector Next time you find friction within your workplace, consider

Archer: Season 6 Ep 09 (TV Recap)

More shenanigans from Sterling Archer and the gang! by Rob Rector Wow. So this

Mad As Hell (Review)

Mad as Hell takes a look at internet news realist, The Young Turks' Cenk

Archer: Season 6 Ep 08 (TV Recap)

What's in store for us Archerites this week?! by Rob Rector If my effusive

Archer: Season 6 Ep 06 (TV Recap)

I had a feeling that an episode like this was waiting in the wings

Archer: Season 6 Ep 05 (TV Recap)

Vision Quest, this season’s fifth episode may lack exotic locales, but it more than

Archer: Season 6 Ep 04 (TV Recap)

Edie’s Wedding, the fourth episode in this season may have been a lesser entry

Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys (Review)

While the documentary Plastic Galaxy may appeal to a very small audience, it is

Archer: Season 6 Ep 03 (TV Recap)

This week’s mission (titled The Archer Sanction) takes Sterling, Lana and Ray atop the

Archer: Season 6 Ep 02 (TV Recap)

  Everything old is new again in “Three to Tango,” the second episode of

Archer: Season 6 Ep 01 (TV Recap)

  Season 5 of Archer, redubbed Archer Vice, split viewers right down the middle.

Cake (Review)

Dealing with sudden, traumatic loss leaves internal scars that that may never heal, but

Annie (Review)

  "Director Will Gluck has erased all heart of the story, replacing it with

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