The Answer (2015) Review

There is a lot of promise in this one. by Martin Hafer Iqbal Ahmed

Passengers (2016) Review

"Passengers is marginally successful entertainment" by Steve Pulaski Passengers opens by telling us the

The Call Up (2016) Review

"Plenty of excellent twists and unexpected turns" by Martin Hafer The Call Up really

Electric Faces (2015) Review

"[T]he attention to detail throughout this film is quite remarkable" by Nav Qateel Tom,

The 5th Wave (Review)

"A strong and truly enjoyable action film" by Steve Pulaski With The Hunger Games

Nightmare Code (Review) (II)

Clear yet confusing by Robert Pagán Have you ever felt like someone was watching

Hardcore (Review)

“I didn't know what to make of it at first. Then I realized it's

Nightmare Code (Review)

A microbudget masterpiece by Martin Hafer In a press release, Mark Netter describes his

The Protokon (Review)

The Protokon Review by Josh Stillman The Protokon, reportedly made for a mere $10,000,

The Encounter (Review)

"The Encounter thrives on jump scares" by Josh Stillman Ever since The Blair Witch

Alternate Realities (Review)

"Fast-paced and thought-provoking" by Randy Krinsky Written by Andrew M. Henderson, Alternate Realities is

Tomorrowland (Review)

Scattershot, but original by Steve Pulaski Disney's Tomorrowland may be a hot mess of

Battle for Skyark (Review)

Battle for Skyark Review by Nav Qateel Set sometime in the near future, Earth

Ex Machina (Review)

Ex Machina is powerful by Steve Pulaski Ex Machina is powerful because of how

After the World Ended (Review)

An excellent example of micro-budget filmmaking by Nav Qateel An astronaut (Eke Chukwu) has

12 Monkeys: Season 1 (Review)

Lacks the vision of the movie but still manages to engross. Fans of the

Robot Overlords (Review)

More fun than the title suggests by Nav Qateel The Earth has been invaded

Chappie (Review)

How hot messes should be done. by Steve Pulaski Chappie transports us into the

Jupiter Ascending (Review)

Jupiter Ascending is an interesting anomaly of a film. by Steve Pulaski Just two

Jupiter Ascending (Review) (II)

A twisted tale with stunning visuals. by Randy Krinsky Jupiter Ascending is the latest

Alien Outpost (Review)

Engrossing post-alien invasion documentary-style affair. by Nav Qateel In the year 2021 the Earth

Project Almanac (Review)

Find out if the latest young adult time-travel effort is all it's hyped up

Predestination (Review)

"An absolute must-see for fans of the genre" by Nav Qateel A Temporal Agent

Patema Inverted (Review)

  "Fans of Yasuhiro Yoshiura who enjoyed his first full-length 2010 anime Time of

Interstellar (Review)

  "Interstellar's crowning achievement, besides its special effects work, is its human-centeredness, keeping the

Interstellar (Review) (II)

"At first glance, this seems like a rehash of 1997's Contact, directed by Robert

Don’t Blink (Review)

Don't Blink Review by Nav Qateel A group of 10 friends are headed to

Starship: Rising (Review)

I see a lot of promise...but it doesn't quite seem ready for widespread release.

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