The Eve (Review)

"Luca Machnich's creation is a breath of fresh air" by Ed Blackadder Official Synopsis:

You Don’t Look Sick (2015) Review

Oddly, I am reviewing a disease film! by Martin Hafer Grade: A You Don't

Electric Faces (2015) Review

"[T]he attention to detail throughout this film is quite remarkable" by Nav Qateel Tom,

Sirens (Review)

This film will blow you away ... so hold on to your seat! by

The Bridge Partner (Review)

"The Bridge Partner is a wonderful exercise in slowburn tension" by Steve Pulaski Gabriel

The Cobblestone Corridor (Review)

"A good contemporary homage to an old genre." by C. Rachel Katz I can't

Monstro! (Review)

I hope to see more from this guy by Martin Hafer One of my

World of Tomorrow (Review)

An interesting futuristic take on the depersonalization of mankind. by Martin Hafer I recently

Orphyr (Review) (Short)

A surprisingly good-looking and well-crafted short film. by Martin Hafer I was astounded by

82 (Review)

Technically, 82 is flawless, and Nick Moran perfectly nails his character, while giving new

Getting Lemons (Review)

  "If you've ever went through the loss of a loved one and have

Done In (Review)

"Exceptional" by Martin Hafer Of all the types of films there are, short films

ABE (Short)

"You could soak in both ABE and Rahab in the amount of time it

T Is for Thread (Short)

This was an entrant for ABCs of Death... Chris Nash, has kindly given permission

The Outsider: A Looper’s Story (Review)

Well-crafted and intelligent by Nav Qateel For those of you that haven't seen Looper,

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