Tom Hardy

First Venom Teaser Trailer Is Here — WATCH NOW!

Tom Hardy is heading back to the comic book world, as he has transformed

Dunkirk (2017) Review

"Dunkirk is a mean, muscled war-movie, but it's too dependent on aesthetics... " by Steve

The Revenant (Review) (II)

Doesn't quite live up to Iñárritu's previous effort, Birdman by Steve Pulaski It's 1823

The Revenant (Review)

"[The Revenant is] Peckinpah by way of Terrence Mallick" by Rob Rector The adjective

‘Legend’ Tom Hardy as the Kray Twins (Trailer)

Tom Hardy stars as the notorious London gangsters, The Krays From Academy Award® winner

Mad Max: Fury Road (Review)

A brutal, visual masterpiece by Kristina Aiad-Toss After a remarkable trilogy and a thirty-year

Child 44 (Review)

Essentially an episode of Law & Order: SVU with a library card by Josh

The Drop (Review)

  "Like Drive or Killing Them Softly, The Drop is more interested on its


Leaving Stock and both Smoking Barrels behind, Locke finally gets his own solo outing...

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