Tony Sebastian Ukpo

After the World Ended (Review)

An excellent example of micro-budget filmmaking by Nav Qateel An astronaut (Eke Chukwu) has

The Hades Pit – A New Kickstarter Project From Indie Filmmaker Tony Sebastian Ukpo

Over the past couple of years, I've been watching the British-based indie filmmaker Tony

The Fighter’s Ballad

Worth seeing just for Clive Russell’s magnificent performance. The Fighter’s Ballad is a very

Paris 60

It certainly won’t be appreciated nor seen by everyone. Paris 60 is a very

The Outsider: A Looper’s Story (Review)

Well-crafted and intelligent by Nav Qateel For those of you that haven't seen Looper,

Random 11

A London film that is mostly done in Japanese…and it’s by a Nigerian-born British

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