The Bride (2015) Review

Lovely to look at but ultimately not all that satisfying.

by Martin Hafer

The Bride is a film version by Paula Ortiz of the classic Federico Garcia Lorca tragic play Blood Wedding. However, unlike the original play, the order of the story had been changed significantly and begins at the end of the story. Because of this, the audience is both confused and knows that some sort of murderous event has taken place. I found it helpful to read through a synopsis of the play before watching the movie.

The Bride (she is given no other name) is going to marry the Groom (he also has no other name). However, Death (disguised as a poor beggar woman) has come to the Bride and begs her not to marry unless she is truly in love with the Groom. Apparently, she is not, as she has fallen for a married man named Leonardo. But, despite this, she marries. However, during the wedding party that follows, she and Leonardo run away together, leading, naturally, to disaster.

The Bride
Directed by
Paula Ortiz
Inma Cuesta, Álex García, Asier Etxeandia
Release Date
14 February 2017
Martin's Grade: D+

The synopsis is simple…the film is not. As I already said, the order of the story has been mixed up in Javier García Arredondo’s screenplay. This decision makes this a much artsier sort of picture…though also one that is difficult at times to follow. Additionally, the picture is full of the Bride staring into space, long extended takes and slow motion cinematography. The acting is very, very slow and deliberate as well and makes the film somewhat poetic. Some may like this…as for me, I would have preferred a more direct telling of the Garcia Lorca play—especially since it, too, has a lot of symbolism. Additionally, knowing that bloodshed is coming at the very beginning of the story seems to take away from the suspense of the tale. Overall, this is a nice looking but confusing and not altogether enjoyable film. If you want a Spanish language tale of fated romance and death, I suggest you instead try the Oscar-nominated picture The Crime of Father Amaro (El Crimen del Padre Amaro). I don’t love that story either, but it is less confusing and enjoyable…if a story about death and romance can be enjoyable.

The Bride will released by Strand Releasing on 14th February 2017

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