The Disappointments Room (2016) Review

"Thoroughly weak film"

by Steve Pulaski

I've reviewed quite a few supernatural horror films this year, everything fromThe Forest, to The Darkness, to Lights Out, and now The Disappointments Room. In efforts to break up the monotony of my words and their delivery, I'll conduct my review of The Disappointments Room in twelve simple, effective haiku poems. .

Old house with secrets Is the setting for the film Here we go again

Kate Beckinsale Plays an unstable mother With mental illness

She loses her kid And tries to raise another In the countryside

Her husband means well But once her son finds a cat All the bets are off

The attic's a room For deformed children to stay And wait until death

Beckinsale rules She plays a great, nasty drunk And carries the film

Scares feel the same Tension exists in loud booms Atmosphere is weak

The Disappointments Room
Directed by D.J. Caruso
Cast Kate Beckinsale, Mike Bizon, Charles Carroll
Release Date 9 September 2016
Steve's Grade: D

. Backstory is nice Makes film feel less empty Some scenes terrify

But it makes no sense Why this family suffers For a strange mistake

Is the house haunted? Is she paying for her sins? Nothing is explained

Talked with guy after We were the only ones there Our talk was more fun

Thoroughly weak film Relativity needs help Disappointing's right


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