'Unicorn Store' (2019) Review: Keeping Imagination Alive

By: Ashley Velez

Brie Larson makes her directorial debut in the new Netflix film, Unicorn Store, a comedic story. Kit (Brie Larson), a naive young adult who is failing as an artist so she moves back home to live with her parents. Kit has one foot stuck in childhood while the other attempts to enter adulthood. Kit can be found in her room sleeping next to her night light and talking to her Care Bears. Although she has qualities that make her appear and act immature, she is aware she needs to find a job.

While watching a cartoon she sees a commercial for a company hiring temps. Kit starts a job at a company that has all the stereotypical characteristics of a “9-5” position. She is surrounded by cubicles and fax machines in an office that has bland qualities. Kit dresses in all gray attire with a skirt that creeps toward her ankles reminding you of your miserable teacher from childhood. One day she receives a card that invites her to The Store. Kit enters The Store with a warm welcome from a salesman(Samuel L. Jackson)who gives her the offer to own a unicorn leading Kit to doing everything in her power to prepare for the unicorn. As time goes on we see Kit turn back into her old self. She starts to dress eccentric again and fall back into her artistry. 

Unicorn Store gives the message that as adults we tend to forget about the dreams and imagination we had during our childhood. It makes the audience think that maybe some of that imagination we had shouldn’t be forgotten once we enter adulthood. In one scene Kit attempts to create a new advertisement for a vacuum where her competitor uses a sexy model for the ad, whereas Kit uses rainbows, glitter, and whimsical ideas to invent a new ad. It’s obvious Kit struggles with growing up and feels that she fails at everything. She spends her free time building a stable for her new unicorn to come while the parents become increasingly concerned. 

Brie Larson does a great job at proving how naive Kit is and she appeared to do a great job at directing it; however the movie was hard to stay interested in. As the movie went on it appeared to be missing something and I couldn’t figure out what I wanted the ending to be. The audience definitely wants Kit to get her life figured out but after awhile its gets annoying that she spends so much time on the unicorn. The movie has an important message to it but it doesn’t give off strong enough evidence to prove it. 

Grade: B


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