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Brian Barsuglia, Publisher


Gordon Shelly, Lead Entertainment Writer, Managing Editor

Ed Blackadder, Lead Entertainment Writer

Jennifer Noonan, Film Critic

Bethany Rose, Film Critic / Entertainment Writer

Randy Krinsky, Film Critic

Rob Rector, Film Critic

Steve Pulaski, Lead Film Critic

Hassan Ilahi, Film Critic

Kristina Aiad-Toss, Special to INFLUX Magazine

Kevin Brent, Special to INFLUX Magazine

Armin Callo, Theater and Arts Critic

David Dempsey, Contributing Editor

Kasey Green, Special to INFLUX Magazine 

Martin Hafer, Blogger / Film Criticism

C. Rachel Katz, Film Critic

Daniel Nava, Contributing Writer

Chad Nicholson, Contributing TV Critic

Robert Pagán, Film Critic

Nav Qateel, Film Critic

Conner Schwerdtfeger, Film Critic 

Josh Stillman, Film Critic

Rachel Wilford, Film Critic

Ruby Yang, Special to INFLUX Magazine 

MORE ABOUT Past Contributors
Influx Magazine & Entertainment News has had many contributors over the years.  The website is not a complete archive and the list here primarily focuses on active contributors or those who have contributed significantly over their time here.  If you are looking for an article from a past contributor, you can type their name in the “search” field, or you can contact us here to inquire.  Thank you.