Director Jason Kartalian looks to Kickstarter for DATURA to Bloom

Filmmaker Jason Kartalian has just been through year-long festival run with his last feature film Seahorses. Seahorses has played over a dozen fests and has picked up just as many awards including Best Narrative Feature at the 2015 Seattle Transmedia Film Festival and Best of the Fest at the SoCal Film Festival.

He has launched his latest feature project Datura on Kickstarter. We sat down with Jason and asked him about his project!

What is your new project about?
It is entitled Datura it is a surreal, existential road movie about a man whose life is spinning out of control who is stuck in the desert with the woman might have caused it all. It has all the elements that I love in a film; an engaging visual motif, an evolving narrative that slowly reveals itself and conflicted damaged flawed characters in a battle of wills.

Who is involved in the project?
I was really inspired by the artistic success of Seahorses, and I’m happy to bring back the core creative team that made that film so special. Actress Justine Wachsberger (Twilight: New Moon, Insurgent, Divergent) is cast in the lead role in Datura. Cinematographer Basil Mironer, whose transcendent work on Seahorses will be our DP, and closing out the team is the amazing, tireless, super charismatic Roxy Shih as Producer. As Writer and Director, I look to building on the artistic path I forged with my previous film, amp up the tension and give it a genre edge.

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Why are you launching it through crowdfunding?
I’m inspired by the success of other projects that are bought to life via Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites. I am open to new experiences and challenges and I feel that this medium is a way to develop and a deeper relationship with the artist and the viewer as the project evolves.

What kind of perks are you offering?
Everything from Twitter shout outs, limited posters, T-Shirts, to “your name” in the credits. I am even offering filmmaking advice by “yours truly” as a very special perk.

What does it mean to back an Indie Film?
I feel that it is an exciting journey that you embark on with the filmmaker. Many amazing works of are would not be a reality without the participation of people who care and are inspired. It is also a community where people help each other. It is wonderful when we embrace positive, constructive forces in the world and create art together.

Check out Datura’s Kickstarter page here: