INFLUX Internship Information

Thank you for your interest in applying for an internship with INFLUX Magazine.  Please read all of the items below before applying.


We offer both academic (credit/no credit) and non-academic opportunities.  This internship can be done virtually (from anywhere) or locally (Our office is in Huntington Beach, CA).

As an intern with INFLUX Magazine, you will participate in a 16-week program and have the opportunity to work with the Publisher, write articles, create content, learn about the publishing and entertainment industries, gain experience, and build a professional portfolio.

Virtual internships may start at any point throughout the year and does not necessarily have to coincide with the specific start of a school semester.



Whether academic or non-academic, the internship expectations are as follows:

Internship Expectations:

  • 16 Week Internship;
  • Work with the magazine publisher;
  • Write one movie review or entertainment related list for publication each week (minimum 650 words);
  • In lieu of articles, you may also create weekly original video content as arranged with the Publisher;
  • Write one “article” every four weeks (minimum 800 words);
  • Assist in social media marketing;
  • Regular copy editing and proofreading;
  • Other assignments as needed;
  • Expected 6-8-hours per week put into the position.

Internship Outcomes:

  • A comprehensive writing/content portfolio with INFLUX Magazine (20 total pieces);
  • Bylines that will remain on the INFLUX Magazine website for reference/portfolio;
  • Opportunity to continue writing for INFLUX at the end of the internship;
  • Reference letter as needed;
  • Opportunities to attend events such as film festivals and movie premieres;
  • A deeper understanding of copy editing, proofreading, AP Style, and common standards and practices of journalism;
  • Extensive experience in the publishing industry for a magazine with a near 20-year history.



At the conclusion of this internship, you will have a comprehensive 20-article portfolio.  At the minimum, you will have written 16 movie reviews and 4 additional articles. If you are looking for a “broadcast journalism” experience,  you can create weekly video content as well.

Movie reviews can be new releases, old movies, or festival screenings. The expectation will be that you are writing an entirely original review for a movie not currently posted on the website.

Depending on where you are located, you may even have the opportunity to conduct interviews, to attend movie premieres, or go to film festivals.  The articles you write can be festival coverage, an interview, a list of some sort, a film analysis, or something else (must be approved by Publisher).



If you should choose to accept an internship (if offered), we do expect that you will conduct yourself professionally in all aspects where your association with INFLUX Magazine is implied.

This is a non-paid internship. Any costs (movie tickets, travel, etc.) are the responsibility of the intern. If there is a paid opportunity or an opportunity for reimbursement, we will let you know before any specific event.


Still Interested in an INFLUX Magazine Internship? If so, fill out the application below:

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