Contributor Event Request

Event Request as a Member of the Press

Of course we want you to be able to attend premieres, conduct interviews, go to festivals and cons as an INFLUX Magazine, representative; however, we just need to know in advance what you will need from us to verify credentials. Remember, if you go to an event or conduct an Interview as an INFLUX representative, we do expect you to write about as an "Exclusive" to INFLUX event unless otherwise arranged prior to!

If you need anything from us such as a "letter of assignment" or a "confirmation of employment" or some other verification, please give us the complete details of who we should contact, we they will need and the deadline.
What are they expecting from us? Extent and type of coverage? Number of readers? Whatever they may be expecting (if anything), please let us know.
If there's anything additional we should be aware of, please let us know!