'Long Lost' (2018) Review: This Rabbit Hole Goes Deep In All The Right Ways

By: William A Greene @damnbetic

Reviewer Rating: A+

Bloomquist comes out swinging with precision subtlety.

Spoiler Alert:
There are no explosions in this movie. No men in clown’s clothing fly in from off screen to save the day. And sadly, your cousin, you know the one, will not laugh once.

“Madness in great ones must not unwatched go.” Hamlet (3.1.8)

The man who brought you the nostalgic dread in She Came from the Woods makes his debut with . . . rousing subtlety? No, subtle rousing. Arousing subtlety? However you read these words, words, words this rabbit hole goes deep, in all the right ways for Long Lost. But, not to worry, it goes most of the wrong ones as well. Seth, we’re not judging you Man.

Bloomquist’s introduction of Abby (Corcoran) to Seth (Weppler) makes us all nostalgic for a very different type of 90’s film than She Came from the Woods. This entrance occurs shortly after Seth is introduced to a half-brother Richard (Tucci) who has millions in his checking and daggers in his teeth. A weekend at the Connecticut Estate of your arrogant half brother you’ve not known about for 25 years and his nice, French-speaking, boss chic of a girlfriend. What could possibly go wrong?

Long Lost spins nuanced narratives with casual conversation and twists your mind in such imperceptible ways you will not see the turn until you hit the wall. Bloomquist’s Blackfriarian film is a must-watch, inundated with stellar performances with such splitting reversals the curtain close will leave you wondering if anything has ever been or ever will be what it seems.

The writing for Long Lost has been crafted with deadly precision. Weppler, Tucci, Cocoran, and that other guy will leave you grasping and darkened in the Connecticut sun. Remember not to blame the mirror. Not to worry, the psychosexual thrill ride will all be explained in . . . a cabin in the woods?


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