Indie Creator Trelanda Lowe Opens Up with INFLUX Magazine

by Gordon Shelly

INFLUX Magazine recently had the honor of interviewing Trelanda Lowe, a multifaceted and uber-talented creator, filmmaker, advocate, and much more. Starting as a photographer, Trelanda has journeyed into the world of filmmaking and media creation in so many different ways. We are truly excited to share some of her journey with our readers.

INFLUX: How long have you been an indie filmmaker and what role(s) do you play in the production process?

TRELANDA: I am a filmmaker/writer/director/producer/cinematographer/podcast host and show creator/photographer/Editor in Chief/Juror Panelist. Additionally, I’m an advocate, public speaker, and mentor within the disabled, BIPOC, and LGBT community. I’ve been in the independent film industry for over ten years. I originally started as a photographer covering artists and capturing still photos on movie sets.

INFLUX: What are you currently working on that you can share with us?

TRELANDA: I am working on several docuseries, narratives, podcast shows, journalism, and a photography table book.

INFLUX: What are your hopes/goals/expectations for this project?

TRELANDA: My goals for current projects are to continue winning awards, financially expanding, and continue reaching viewership globally. Additionally, continue creating authentic relatable content about marginalized communities captured from every genre.

INFLUX: What have been your greatest challenges as an indie filmmaker?

TRELANDA: As an independent filmmaker marketing solely has been challenging to connect with a union without all of the hectic criteria, the right corporate media company, and maneuver through the financial journey.

INFLUX: What has been your most significant accomplishment as a filmmaker?

TRELANDA: The fact that I have selective mutism and onset fluency disorder has allowed me to work hard to direct, be heard, and mentor others so that they too can be just as successful, in addition to winning multiple awards:

Here are some of Trelanda’s Awards:

  • Davey’s Award – DEI for Podcasts and Davey’s Award – DEI for Individual Episodes,
  • Lensfame International Film Festival (Best Trailer Short, Best Supernatural Short Film, Best Director Short Film, Best Drama Short Film, & Best Producer)
  • Best Trailer – December 2023 at the San Francisco Arthouse Festival
  • A collaborative project on ADA LeadOn Production winning the Shorty Award 2021 Audience Honors Shorty Award in Facebook Live Category and the 2022 Gold Anthem Award in Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion – Community Outreach over 112,000 impressions on the Facebook LIVE shows.

INFLUX: Tell us about some of your past projects and where we can watch them if they’re available?

TRELANDA: My past projects have been Platonic Love, Hearing You Breath, Delusional State, Drama No Drama, ADA LeadOn30, Phenomenal Disabilities (Podcast/Docuseries), Delusional State, and many others.

INFLUX: What goals to you have for yourself moving forward?

TRELANDA: My goal moving forward is to operate my independent production company at one of the corporate lots or have my production warehouse offering advancement for everyone from all demographic groups, and providing new production staff access to union services that will not be a long process. I do see myself continuing to make create narrative, documentary, music videos, winning more awards, and teaching. I love showing anyone who has a passion for any form of media the techniques. It’s important to mentor others so they too can pass on what they learned from previous mentors like I have.

INFLUX: What advice would you give to your younger self just starting out?

TRELANDA: It doesn’t matter how old you are entering the industry, it will all pay off, so keep going.

INFLUX: What inspired you to switch over to film media since you have been in the photography field for many years?

TRELANDA: As a photographer I can express still limitless still frame, manipulating color, tones, contract, etc. However, I found myself craving to explore motion media and to explore another layer of storytelling process through vocal dialogue, silent film. and music videos. As an expert in both fields of motion and stills it’s exciting to explore mixing different creative ranges with each other.

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