Unforgettable (2017) Review

"Unforgettable can't commit to saying or showing anything noteworthy"

by Steve Pulaski

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I feel I have seen and reviewed far more Fatal Attraction-esque, love-triangle, crazy-ex drama/thrillers than any person ever should. Between Swimfan, Obsessed, The Perfect Guy, When the Bough Breaks, and now Unforgettable, I've decided to conduct this review a little differently in order not to evoke monotony on my loyal readers weary of me venturing out into this genre of film yet again.

I've comprised a list of musings about Unforgettable that stemmed from nearly illegible notes I took on a napkin at the movie theater, and I've reworked them a tad so that the first word of my sentences start with a letter of the film's title. That's my effort to at least make this reading experience more memorable than this film.

U - Unusually serious take on a premise that should be unapologetically trashy, especially when we see Rosario Dawson commit to her role as if she's pining for Oscar consideration.

N - Nauseatingly obvious score that only knows how to overplay the drama in a film that was written already overplaying the drama.

F - Females be crazy, as the saying goes, but so do those that feel, even deep down, that this sort of flamboyant cattiness and deception is ever-so-common amongst women in an internally misogynistic way.

O - Oh, I almost forgot I have a plot to talk about - a manipulative and violent woman (Katherine Heigl) comes back into her ex-husband's (Geoff Stults) life when he brings home a new girlfriend (Rosario Dawson) who works in social media but doesn't even have a Facebook.

R - Ridiculous to a fault, and lacks the potential ofWhen the Bough Breaks and the absurdity of some moments in The Perfect Guy to save itself from just being labeled as such.

Directed by
Denise Di Novi
Rosario Dawson, Katherine Heigl, Geoff Stults
Release Date
21 April 2017
Steve's Grade: D+

G - Geoff Stults as the male character here is an interesting pick; I'd like to think the film is a spiritual sequel following his character in I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, where him and three buddies were celebrating his bachelor party before his marriage to a mildly domineering woman.

E - Every time the actors - even the gifted Dawson - are tasked with going a bit above the line of calm and collective, they embellish emotions and create a scene soapier than a washing machine.

T - "Time to change the channel," I thought while watching Unforgettable, when Dawson's stalker ex-boyfriend reappeared and moved with the life of a zombie, until I made the stunning realization I was indeed in a theater, where I forfeited such a luxury.

T - Tables turn in the third act, but they were so aggressively illustrated that it was as if screenwriters Christina Hodson and David Leslie Johnson forgot they should've implemented a twist of some sort.

A - About the time I thought Katherine Heigl was impressing me as an actress here, I realized even she couldn't make for a convincing character when using her outside voice.

B - Bold move trying to implement ideas of gaslighting, but unlike The Girl on the Train,Unforgettable can't commit to saying or showing anything noteworthy about such a form of abuse.

L - Leave it to one of Charlie's Angels to even hint at the possibility of a sequel.

E - Extremely misleading title.

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