Night Country is a return to form filled with suspense and teetering on the edge of the supernatural

by Ed Blackadder

Is it fair to say “True Detective” is really in its fourth season? The word season is used loosely in this production. I would call it more of an installment. There is no real through line that ties these together, no commonality, no consistent theme, no returning actors.

The first season was utterly amazing, with a Lovecraftian tone, bordering supernatural, but staying within the realm of reality. It set the stage for what could have been one of the great TV shows of all time, but floundered in later editions.

“True Detective: Night Country” with Jodie Foster marks a captivating return to the acclaimed crime anthology series. Set in a mysterious and supernatural backdrop, the show weaves a spellbinding narrative that delves into the unexplained. Foster’s portrayal adds an extra layer of intrigue as she navigates through a world where reality and the supernatural intersect.

In a commendable return to its roots, “Night Country” closely mirrors the grit and intensity of the series’ acclaimed first season. Departing from the deviations of subsequent seasons, this installment recaptures the essence that made the initial season a groundbreaking success. The narrative intricacies, character depth, and atmospheric tension echo the qualities that endeared fans to the show in the first place.

Reflecting on the history of “True Detective,” Season 1 set an incredibly high standard, while Season 2 proved forgettable for many viewers. Season 3 marked a positive rebound, and Season 4 continues this upward trajectory, proving to be excellent so far. The evolution of the series showcases its resilience and ability to learn from past missteps, reaffirming its status as a powerhouse in the crime drama genre.

Visually, “Night Country” captivates with its stunning aesthetics, creating a haunting and immersive atmosphere. The suspense is palpable, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as the plot unfolds. The cinematography and set design contribute to the overall sense of unease, enhancing the viewer’s engagement with the unfolding mysteries.

Jodie Foster’s performance in “True Detective: Night Country” is nothing short of amazing – Foster as we haven’t seen her in many years. Her portrayal adds depth and nuance to the character, elevating the entire series. Foster’s ability to convey a wide range of emotions and capture the complexity of her role contributes significantly to the show’s success. Her presence is a testament to the caliber of talent that “True Detective” continues to attract.

In its fourth season, “True Detective: Night Country” stands out as a stellar addition to the series. With a return to its roots, captivating visuals, and the exceptional performance of Jodie Foster.

Ed’s Grade: A