On the whole, it was quite funny

Written and directed by Leslie Greif (a man better known as a producer) has done a decent job with 10 Rules as the humor mostly worked. I really thought this was gonna be another chick-flick judging by the title but it’s a movie for all adults alike. The humor was fairly clever and at least kept me chuckling away through almost all the amusing dialogue (although, not all of it worked), but I never really found any of it funny enough do more than chuckle. I suppose it’s all down to if it’s your type of comedy, as I’m sure some will find this extremely amusing. I see too many movies so it takes quite a bit more to make me really find the humor in most romcoms. I recently watched The Heat and We’re The Millers, but I found them way more comedic, just to give you an idea of how I’m grading it as a comedy. Those were a B+ and this is a C+ so, still pretty good.

10 Rules for Sleeping Around
Written and Directed by
Leslie Greif
Chris Marquette, Tammin Sursok, Virginia Williams, Wendi McLendon-Covey
Release Date
Ed’s Grade: C+

10 Rules for Sleeping Around is about two couples who are friends. The guys get talking about their sex life when Vince (Jesse Bradford) tells Ben (Chris Marquette) he has an open relationship with his wife. She can have sex with whomever she likes, and the same goes for him, but they must stick to a set of ten rules he’s made up. Don’t have sex with family or neighbors and never say you love them etc (I can’t remember them all now), and the ladies have also been talking about the same thing. Vince persuades Ben to ask his girlfriend to indulge in a threesome, but when she says yes, she always wanted to try it with two guys, he finds himself in a bind. He, of course, meant with two girls, but she already knew that and is only yanking his chain. Vince and wife Cameron (Virginia Williams) are keeping secrets from each other and they all end up at a big party hosted by a popular celebrity (played brilliantly by Michael McKean) who is famous for having sex with anyone and everyone. We follow the couple’s funny exploits at this party, with the usual amusing consequences.

This is the premise from the website; “10 Rules for Sleeping Around asks the question “how do married couples keep their relationship fresh long after the honeymoon is over?” One solution – keep it open. However, in order to juggle the ensuing chaos there are specific ground rules to be followed at all cost or else all hell may break loose.” It also tells us that Leslie Greif was behind Walker, Texas Ranger and the award winning Hatfields & McCoys. An impressive resume indeed, so you know it’s a well made movie. Oh yeah, watch out for Leslie as the foreman.

by Ed Blackadder