Ahsoka falls victim to the Disney universe of Star Wars, creating a galaxy driven by blandness

by Ed Blackadder

I know, I know. There are certain franchises in a galaxy far away whose fans would deem them untouchable, granting all iterations with the title of “best there ever was.” Well, Star Wars just isn’t that anymore (if it ever was).

Yes, it is a series with a base that understands being a fan is to be a fanatic. They re-watch movies in the theatre to drive up box office. They vote again and again on IMDB to give imbalance to the force that guides movie reviews and ratings.

But the truth of the matter is, most entries in this franchise are little more than meh or just pretty good.

Obi Wan was mildly interesting but mostly boring. Bobba Fett was more of the same. Andor had some moments, and The Mandaloriain has become repetitive. Disney has taken to extending mediocre storylines into episodic series where a single (or maybe two-episode) movie would do to tell the story.

Ahsoka is no different and, really, it’s more of the same, making the Star Wars universe simply bland.

The show kicks off with a fantastic fight scene in the first episode. It is dark and foreboding and full of promise.

And, while the fight scenes and action sequences are incredibly well-shot and full of excitement, not nearly as much attention is paid to the plot or character development throughout the rest of the series.

I enjoy Rosario Dawson in the lead and it’s fun to see classic characters return, but really, there isn’t much going on. The show tries to stretch a 90-minute story into a season long thread.

I want to really like this show, and the others for that matter, but they are full of blandness and fan service, with each new entry feeling like a cash grab for Disney rather than an attempt to tell a unique and captivating story.

Ed’s Grade: C+