A RomCom that’s tepid at best…

Jason Stein’s All Wifed Out, is an attempt at the overly abundant RomCom genre, but fails to fully engage the viewer with romance or comedy, both of which are sorely lacking. For this to be successful, All Wifed Out, is up against far too many better examples that deliver what this was supposed to offer. In this instant, I barely cracked a smile throughout the “amusing” parts and felt very little in the romance department either. In its attempt at originality, it ends up feeling almost derived and contrived, in this cliche-ridden affair. Moreover, most of the characters appeared one-dimensional as I couldn’t connect or empathise with any of them, which only left me feeling alienated and out in the cold, instead of rooting for the guys or gals, or even caring if “he” cheats on “her,” or vice-versa.

All Wifed Out
Directed by
Jason Stein
Cassandra Starr, Dustin Diamond, Eve
Release Date
15 November 2013
Ed’s Grade: C-

However, All Wifed Out, is not a failure and I’m sure some will get more pleasure out of the film than I did, providing their sights are set sufficiently lower than mine obviously were. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before; it follows the story of a twentysomething man whose hot girlfriend wants him to commit more to their relationship, so he and a group of his whacky friends go out on the town to partay, where he meets up with more whacky people, and wrestles over the idea of this “possible” impending commitment to said hot chick.

As far as the acting went, I found almost everyone well up to the task, but the weak writing was a bit of a let-down as the gags were rather flat. The in-your-face comedic turn by certain characters (who also produced, directed, wrote and co-starred) was too much like the characters in every third indie RomCom ever made in the last fifteen years or so, which really didn’t do a thing for me. 10/10 for at least trying, though. The only thing that kept me watching wasn’t the cliched male participants but the hot females as they ran through their check-list of “things to do in a low-budget RomCom,” but at least they looked good doing it.

Review by Ed Blackadder, Lead Entertainment Writer