AlohaStream Launches a New Streaming Site for Award-Winning Indie Films and Kicks off with a Spirit of Cinema Celebration

AlohaStream officially launched recently with nearly 50 independent films already on the streaming site at

The new streaming site serves as a celebration of independent movies with a focus on films that have had extensive festival runs and won awards on the fest circuit.  Also, each filmmaker has a chance to tell their story about their work to AlohaStream subscribers, giving viewers a unique insight to each movie.

Additionally, AlohaStream starts the celebration with the Spirit of Cinema Awards – an online event of hand-picked indie films. Viewers can watch these movies and vote as well, impacting the outcome and the final awards. Voting continues through May 16 with the winners being announced on May 19.

The site boasts a wide variety of film genres, with new movies being added weekly and plans to continue expanding and adding content from the world of independent film. Most of the movies on the site are feature films, but there is a selection of shorts as well.

A few of the current movie highlights include the multi-award-winning film SOCIAL DISTANCE, a pandemic thriller, creatively shot by filmmakers in quarantine. This intense drama stars Vernon Wells (Commando) and shows the innovative independent spirit of filmmakers making art under any circumstance.

Filmmaker Sophia Romma brings her movie, USED AND BORROWED TIME, to the platform. This is an epic drama that has won multiple awards and been honored in a multitude of festivals. It tells the story of the trials and tribulations an interracial couple must endure while living in Alabama during the 1960s.

AlohaStream is also fresh with documentaries, including Dorlisa Hommel’s MOM’S: MORE THAN AN ORGANIC MARKET, relaying the true-life story of a quiet introvert who uses his organic grocery store to influence thousands to take up the cause of caring for the environment.

The service offers three different subscriber levels (a two-day, monthly, and annual).

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“Used and Borrowed Time” – An epic drama now streaming at AlohaStream.